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The School of Foreign Studies has an excellent and energetic faculty with foresights and broad visions in teaching and academic research. In recent years, it has created a free and vigorous academic atmosphere and excellent environment for teaching and research innovation, implemented talent projects by introducing and training a group of highly educated inter-disciplinary teaching and research talents to promote pedagogy and research.
With advantages in both disciplines and MA or BA programs, School of Foreign Studies is among the top list of similar schools in all the Chinese universities specialized in finance and economics, as well as one of the best universities located in Shandong province. The School offers degree programs at undergraduate level and MA programs in the subject areas of English linguistics, second language acquisition, English teaching, English and American literature, and Master of Translation and Interpreting. Its foreign linguistics and applied linguistics is one of the key disciplines in the Twelfth Five-year Development Project of Shandong Province. It has three excellent courses in Shandong Province, including Cultures of English-speaking Countries, British and American Literature, and History of American Literature. Two course books edited by its faculties, namely Business English Reading and Introduction to Business English, are selected as textbooks for the 11th National Five-year Development Project.
Over the past five years, the School has made a large number of achievements on academic research, publishing more than 50 papers and 30 monographs, among which 16 have received Outstanding Achievement Award of Social Sciences in Shandong Province. Moreover, the School has undertaken more than 50 research projects on all levels, including 3 National Social Science Fund Projects, 6 projects of Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Fund under the Ministry of Education, 28 Social Science Research Projects of Shandong Province.
The School lays equal stress on teaching and academic research so as to promote their coordinated development, and faculties are encouraged to make a reciprocal enlightenment between them. As a result of its long-term efforts, the school has three courses now that are granted as excellent courses in Shandong Province. Generally focusing on three research areas, including English linguistics, British and American Literature, and Translation Studies, its faculties have published a lot of articles and books, won many teaching and academic research awards at university and provincial levels, got many research funds at provincial, ministerial, and national levels.

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